The high pollen count keeps clogging my filter.

I have been on high alert this year.

I have been on such high alert because the pollen count has been so high it seems, then you can see all of the cottonwood floating around in the air as well.

As soon as I step outside I can feel my allergies start to act up right away. This is also not fantastic for my Heating plus Air Conditioning system. Normally, I do not have to change the filter that often. However, all of this cottonwood keeps ending up in my filter recently. It is helping to clog the air filter a lot more frequently than normal. I am starting to dislike this cottonwood a lot; Just like everyone else haters it too. I have to keep a close eye on the air filter because I would not want it to clog up and cause problems with the Heating plus Air Conditioning system at all. As soon as the air filter gets blocked, it could cause my system to shut down. It could also put a lot of wear on my system. I might have to end up paying high energy bills for the month. This is particularly something that I do not want at all. I wonder if other people are having the same trouble with their air filters as well. I might even tell my friends about it just to warn them. This Spring has not been one I will want to remember. It has been rather freezing and it has even been rainy and truly high pollen counts. I should not have to think about the heat and changing my air filter in the middle of June.