My hubby gets to take care of the Heating plus A/C system during the day

Working opposite shifts of my hubby can be genuinely frustrating occasionally, i feel like it is genuinely frustrating because my wonderful friend and I never get to do anything together.

I never genuinely get to see him.

However the only thing that is nice about it is that she can do things during the day. I work all day long. She is usually getting to work by the time I get home… So if there has anything my wonderful friend and I need to get done around the apartment she does it during the day, and recently it was genuinely convenient when our Heating plus A/C system broke down, but the Heating plus A/C companies are only open for a particular amount of time a day; After their hours they only have emergency hours. These emergency repair hours are convenient but they cost a lot of extra cash. So since our Heating plus A/C system broke down she was able to be condo to have an Heating plus A/C professional come to our house. The Heating plus A/C professional looked at our Heating plus A/C system. It was nothing but a small issue. Actually the fan blade was not turning like it should have been. She just had to loosen a few of the screws that was holding it on. Somehow the fan had made the screws go in tighter. Then the fan would not be turning in our system. Since she only had to loosen the screws on the fan she didn’t even charge us that much. She only charged us a small amount so she would be able to get paid. I am ecstatic that it was nothing major. It didn’t even take the entire day. So my hubby had plenty of time to do other things around the house.



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