The broken HVAC system played a part in my divorce

I feel like I should not talk about my divorce. However I feel like it needs to be said so that other people don’t do the same thing… Before I got married my partner had never had a task. She still does not have a task; While my pal and I were married she didn’t have a task. It never really bothered me. However I did feel she would be at home to take care of more things than I would have to do. I go to toil all afternoon long. I also toil in construction so I am particularly sleepy by the time I get home. When I come home I had used to find her just sitting on the couch. In fact she would let the HVAC system be broken all afternoon long until I got home. I never asked her to wait until I got home. I don’t know anything about HVAC systems. I could not repair an HVAC system on my own. So by the time I got home I had to call the HVAC corporation! Unfortunately the HVAC business was already closed. So instead of being able to pay normal prices I had to pay the extra emergency service price. As you can imagine I was not particularly happy about this. I was happy that I was genuinely taking care of it so that I could get a good night’s sleep and good air quality. However I was not particularly happy that I would have to pay an extra cost for it when my partner could have taken care of it all afternoon long, and needless to say that’s why my pal and I are divorced now. It may not be just because of the HVAC system. However it did have a lot to do with it.

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