The school's air conditioner was broken

I tend to savor sending my child off to school.

It allows me to get more toil done throughout the afternoon.

Having him home all Summer was genuinely quite exhausting. I was happy when school began again. However, one afternoon the air conditioner in the school was no longer working. My boy had to kneel through all of his classes in the heat. I did not like that he had to kneel through his classes in the heat. My associate and I live in a particularly boiling area. So having to kneel through his classes he was not a particularly good idea. I did not even know about this until he got home that afternoon. He had to tell me that our HVAC system was broken. I was hoping the school would provide me a call and tell me this themselves. However when he goes to school the next afternoon I will call the school to make sure that their HVAC system is fixed. I would not want my son to have to be uncomfortable in the heat trying to learn. Not having the HVAC system up and running could be awful for my men health. Have you ever tried to learn in the heat. Have you tried to learn in the Summer heat filling the room. It feels like a nearly impossible task. This is why I was aggravated that the HVAC system wasn’t working. And I was even more aggravated that the school did not call me to tell me. I count on the school to have a good learning environment for my child. However with a broken HVAC system they’re not really providing that kind of good learning environment.

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