Mold in my property

In the region where I live, the humidity levels can be astronomical year round… One thing that I recently learned is that the humidity levels near the beach are much higher than those in town! The other day, as I was getting dressed for work, I noticed there was a black spot in the top left corner of my closet, as I did some more investigating, I found more black mold spots… I was not sure if this was an urgent matter, but when I contacted my landlord, she told me that the mold could make me very sick.

I was running late that afternoon, so I provided my landlord permission to enter the property plus do whatever needs to be done… She informed me that she would be bringing a mold specialist into the property to unaffix the mold from the walls.

Around my supper break, I got a call from my landlord. She assured me that the mold situation was taken care of plus that I would be safe from the effects that mold could potentially cause. I was also informed that she would be adding a dehumidifier to my dining room. The way the dehumidifier works is easy. The dehumidifier takes the air in the room plus circulates through a unit that removes the moisture from the air. The reason the mold was growing in the closet was due to the moisture in the air. Like I mentioned earlier, moisture in the air is severely high near the beach plus my property is only three blocks from the beach.

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