This has been a frigid winter

Every time I’m watching the news, I’m so glad we got to move away in time.

Winter or wrecking havoc all over the north, and there seems to be no end in sight. Some places got to experience the worst blizzard in many years during the Christmas week. It’s so sad that it got so bad that people lost their lives. The cold weather is no joke, especially when there are snow storms and frigid blizzards. It used to affect us so much when the temperatures would drop too low during winter. We would daydream of being somewhere warm and nice. We did have a good heating system in the house, but at times it’s of no help. I recall this one winter when there was such a severe storm that we spent about 3 days without any light. Our heating system relied on electricity, so you can imagine the amount of chaos. Thankfully, there was this old heating system that relies on wood to heat the house. Dad had to fix a few parts, and we spent time with that heating system to warm the house. Now, we live down south in a place where there’s only mild winters. The summer heat can be intense, but that’s why dad invested in a strong heat pump. This cooling system does a great job of eliminating heat in the house during summer which leaves us feeling comfortable. We are so thankful that we don’t have to rely on the heating system any more to be comfortable in December. I do feel sorry for all people who are facing hard times this winter, and I pray they find warm safe places to be.



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