Dehumidifier collecting gallons of water

Recently, I discovered mold in my closet.

  • I was unquestionably upset that this was happening and it was due to the moisture levels in my house, however my property owner resolved the mold issue quickly and purchased a dehumidifier! Within the first day of using the modern dehumidifier in my house, I noticed that the air inside felt much dryer and I could tell that my clothes were not moist like they had been in the past.

Most importantly, the mold in the closet was not returning and would likely stay away. To my surprise, the dehumidifer was working much better than I had originally imagined it would. I did not know that it was possible to tell a difference in the air quality in your home. The biggest shock of all came when the dehumidifier shut itself off unexpectedly. I was having a hard time understanding why the demudifer was not working like it was just before. I remembered that my property owner had texted me a copy of the dehumidifier owner’s manual. I searched for the owner’s manual for why the dehumidifier would unexpectedly stop working. There was only one acceptable explanation to this. The part of the dehumidifier that catches the water must be full. I did not feel this was possible. I detached the bottom of the dehumidifer and to my surprise, there was a full bin of water in the bottom! The dehumidifer had only been running for a day and I was blown away by the amount of water that was in the bucket.



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