The Heat Was Rising to The Attic

With an older home comes big troubles that are hard to maintain, however the home I’m living in is over 20 years aged in addition to there are a lot of areas that are falling apart or require a lot of maintenance… I knew that some of these troubles would need attention at some point while I was living here, but that still didn’t change how irritated I was by each in addition to every project that came up! Currently, I have a critter issue in my attic.

I didn’t realize that my attic was housing critters until I began hearing them run around above me.

It sounded like they were racing each other! I called an exterminator to come handle the issue, in addition to he told me that the process would take many weeks. When I asked him why they were living in my attic, he said it was because the heat my furnace was providing was rising up into the attic. The pull down attic door that was located in the hallway wasn’t sealed honestly well due to the age of the house. The exterminator proposed that I purchase a strip to seal the edges of the door so that the heat wouldn’t continue to rise into the attic, and he also said that there was a small hole in the attic that led to the outside, which was where the critters were entering the attic. He was convinced that if I patched the hole in addition to sealed the door, that it would eliminate my critter concern completely.


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