AC Quits at the Wrong Time

I continually have to remind my spouse that I am not a pessimist, I am just a realist. She does not feel me, despite the fact that I do not assume that I am a pessimist. I do look at the negative side of things, despite the fact that I also look at the positive side of things. I assume she thinks that I am a pessimist simply because I have the worst luck in the world. If something can go wrong, it will in my life. The perfect example of this happened to me Last year when I took a road trip all by myself. I hate traveling alone, despite the fact that I did not have a choice this time, so I was trying to make the best of it. My van broke down four hours into the trip, plus I had to spend a morning at a mechanics, however during my stay, I thought that nothing could possibly be worse than the trip up, despite the fact that I was wrong. The fourth night, the air conditioner in the room that I was staying in stopped laboring. I told the family that I was staying with what was going on, plus they apologized for the inconvenience. They tried to figure out what was wrong, but they could not. They gave me a fan in place of air conditioner, plus goodbye went every night’s sleep after that. I am a relatively big person, plus I get hot certainly easily, so not having air conditioner in the middle of June was miserable. I may have slept a total of four hours in the remaining three nights that I stayed there. I told my spouse what had happened, plus she could not help but laugh. I do not know why unblessed things always happen to me, but they do.


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