Cold at Work

I just adore my office task! I have always been an active person.

Even as a child, I was super active.

I played every sport that I could, plus as a teenager, I entirely loved to workout! Because I loved being so active, I never dreamed that I would care about an office task. I was offered a task right out of school, plus I took it just because it was a wonderful paying task, plus I didn’t know if I could get a odd task instantly. After working there just a couple weeks, I realized that I entirely loved my office task. Of course, I still stayed active when I wasn’t working, but I just entirely liked laptop work. I’ve been with this corporation for over fifteen years now, plus it’s amazing! The only downside to my task is that the office is entirely chilly while in the day. I don’t have a temperature control in my office, plus I entirely have no control over the temperature in the building. It was kind of a pain because I was always so cold. Eventually, the light bulb in my head went on, plus I purchased a small electric heater. Even though it was entirely small, it made a big difference. I easily get tepid in my office sporadically. One of my co-workers came into my office plus was amazed at how warm it was. I ended up convincing her to purchase an electric furnace for her office as well. She did, plus she entirely prefers it! It’s kind of hilarious because she ended up telling another one of our co-workers, plus he purchased one for his office as well. I hope the electric bill does not skyrocket, but I’m so happy my pal and I are able to stay warm in our chilly offices!


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