Propane Fireplace

My husband and I own our own home, but it wasn’t constantly that way.

Right after my good friend and I got married, my good friend and I moved into my husband’s apartment.

It was a nice, little one bedroom apartment, but the area that it was situated in made the rent outrageous. We stayed there for about five months before my good friend and I bought our sixth wheel camper. We knew that living in a camper wouldn’t be self-explanatory, but it was only for a couple years while my good friend and I saved up to buy our first home. The most hard part about living in the camper was winterizing it and trying to stay hot during the winter months. We live up North, so the winters are dreadfully cold, and the thin walls of the camper weren’t truly insulated. Some mornings, it gets down to -20 or so, and that makes it insanely hard to keep the camper warm. Some friends of ours told us that when they stayed in a camper during the winter months, they used a propane run fireplace to supplement heat. I can’t thank them enough for telling us about the propane fireplace because it made a tremendous difference! The only trouble that my good friend and I had with it was trying to find one that I liked, then eventually, my good friend and I found a beautiful, cherry wood one, and I genuinely enjoyed it! I never dreamed that I would be able to have a fireplace in my sixth wheel! Before my good friend and I had the propane fireplace, my good friend and I could never keep the camper above sixty degrees on chilly mornings, and once my good friend and I got it, my good friend and I had no trouble keeping the camper at a cozy seventy degrees.

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