Southwest sparkler style is pretty

When my friend, Teresa, bought her modern house I was just dying to come check it out! But she wouldn’t let me, teresa insisted that no guests would be allowed until her house was completely decorated as well as furnished.

This took her a couple of months but finally, she threw a housewarming party for herself as well as my friend and I all got to see the modern arena firsthand, however let me start by saying that the house itself is attractive… It’s got a nice Southwest style with buganvillas as well as high arches.

I guess Teresa wanted to carry over this southwest-style to the furniture too although I think she went a little overboard, all of the walls are painted unquestionably dark, extreme colors, however for example, the living room is painted maroon as well as the living room is a dark red, and don’t even let me get started on the furniture. Teresa said the style was called southwest sparkler. The furniture is all unquestionably loud, nothing seems to match as well as so I was surprised when Teresa told us that all of the furniture was custom built as well as was unquestionably high-end furniture. To me it looks like she had simply gone to a second hand store as well as picked out the most mismatched, outdated, furniture she could find… Combined with the darkly painted walls, this makes the house look like a brothel! Of course I did not tell her this. After all, Teresa must have spent thousands of dollars getting this southwest sparkler look inside her modern house. I could tell by the way she lit up when talking about it, that she likes the way it turned out, however well, to each her own! Maybe Teresa thinks my house looks bad in her eyes too.

Transitional sophistication