You feel the North is hot

If I had to describe my family in one word it would be dysfunctional.

It’s not that I come from some Jerry Springer situation, but everyone I grew up with has some problems, and we’ve all been through a lot, plus my enjoyable friend and I tend to take it out on each other.

Each lady likes to feel that they are tougher than everyone else on Earth. They take pride in the struggles plus discomforts they experience. It is a lifelong pissing contest. That’s why I should not be surprised that my oldest sister is currently berating me about how uncomfortable it is in her section this summer! He’s been on the PC with me for over an hour now, complaining endlessly about her failing AC system. She proudly told me that she did not sleep all week because the cooling system stopped operating constantly, and rather than calling out a certified HVAC specialist, she started fiddling with the AC himself, plus made the problem much worse. Now, the AC system isn’tworking at all. He’s been complaining on plus on about the ungodly heat plus humidity that they are experiencing plus says I have no idea what this suffering is like. It’s absolutely hard for me to hold my tongue, considering she broke the AC system himself Instead of calling a ventilation professional. It’s also quite hard plus not to yell back at him about the Heat. He’s complaining about the Midwest summer, well I am living in the Deep South. This pressing baby has no idea what real heat plus humidity feels like. She wishes she was as difficult as me.

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