Saving energy with less AC use

It makes me sad when people do not live a healthy lifestyle.

I work with a lot of folks who do not take enjoyable care of themselves and make life pretty hard as a result. They tend to look at health and fitness as obstacles and unwanted obligations. They see eating healthy foods as an unlucky compromise. They think that exercise is constantly stressful and annoyed. They also think that it’s extravagant to start making major variations. I have to tell you, they are off base in every regard… Last year, my nurse told me I needed to lose some weight so I changed my lifestyle to a healthier way of residing. I can tell you, the benefits of this transformation are never ending. Life is much easier and it’s also much less extravagant. Most recently, I realized that my weight loss has even impacted my bi-weekly energy usage. I had gained multiple bi-weekly bills this year and been shocked by how low my energy expenditure was. At first, I couldn’t figure out what was odd in my heating and cooling system. I’ve constantly maintained my furnace and a/c with professional Heating and Air Conditioning service appointments. I had not replaced any of my air temperature control equipment. So there was no reason for my energy usage to be odd than before. That’s when I stopped and thought about my own internal temperature control. I realized that after I lost weight, my internal core temperature was far lower then previously. Once I got all the extra insulating fat off my stomach, I was releasing a lot of extra heat. I simply didn’t need to run the cooling system as often or as intensively as before. Maybe I can convince my co-workers to get healthier if they can lower their AC usage.


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