Asthma and air ducts

When I was much younger I remember my sibling having panicked mornings where he couldn’t breathe. As a child, he was quite sickly. He was truly small and he was born and grew truly slowly. He also had serious asthma that impacted his yearly activities and periodically disrupted his sleeping. When he had asthma attacks, the entire family was freaking out. He would use his nebulizer to try to open his airway, but it was actually startling to watch him heaving for air. Luckily for all the people, he grew out of his asthma for the most part. Yours later, I was talking to my mom about how terrible his respiratory Health used to be, and she mentioned that my father didn’t help the situation… Puzzled, I asked what he did to contribute to the asthma attacks. That’s when she told me that my father hated servicing our Heating and Air Conditioning system. He never wanted to go into the attic or the basement to do the work necessary for routine Heating and Cooling unit repair. He also never wanted to call a professional Heating and Air Conditioning corporation on site, because he proudly insisted that he could do it himself. It was an Heating and Air Conditioning catch-22. As such, our central heating and cooling system usually had a dirty air filter and constantly passed extravagant treated are through dirty and dusty air ducts! Considering my sibling had a respiratory illness, it was highly recommended that my parents purchase extravagant air quality control equipment. Instead, my father barely maintained our traditional Heating and Air Conditioning equipment. Now, looking back on my dirty and uncomfortable childhood, it’s no wonder that my sibling had such a hard time breathing.
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