Want to detach our old wood stove

Our home came with a central heating system and a decorative wood stove in the residing room.

My wife and I realized the wood stove was definitely functional.

The previous owner vented it to the ceiling and all the way to the roof. It must have been an high-priced addition for what they got. The wood stove can only provide ample enough heating for the residing room, however with the central heating system running, you don’t even need it either. So if both of us wanted to use the woodstove both of us would need to close the residing room vents and use it. Well I found that I don’t really appreciate wood stoves, and yes, it can provide great amounts of heating. The work involved is really not worth it. The people I was with and I live in a wooded section so securing wood isn’t a problem. I don’t care for storing wood inside our house. It just looks so gross and trashy. Occasionally the wood is wet and needs to dry for afternoons. Occasionally it has an odd odor to it. Once both of us collect wood it doesn’t last too long either. Within minutes our food supply will dwindle down to nothing. I have been talking to our wife about removing this heating system completely. The people I was with and I would need to patch the ceiling and get roofers to detach the protrusion. It would be high-priced and time consuming. I feel it is worth it to no longer have a wood stove. My wife doesn’t really want to do the work of removing it. So right now I am stuck with a furnace that takes up half of our residing room and is worthless.