Water was pouring out of my boiler.

I didn’t know how old our boiler was, but we had lived in our house for almost thirty years, and the boiler was here when we moved in. When my husband went downstairs to his workroom, he heard water running. He called upstairs and told me to call the HVAC company because water was pouring out of the boiler. It was going to take a full day for the HVAC company to get to our house, so we headed to town. We needed a hot water heater, because without the boiler we didn’t have hot water. Once we picked up the hot water heater, we got several space heaters to get heat in the house. We didn’t need to worry about pipes bursting, because they were all inside the house. My husband and I stopped in the aisle where they have heating systems. They had a ductless HVAC system on display. I thought it looked kind of gaudy, but when the customer service rep told me they were at the top of the wall, it wasn’t so bad. He told us about the efficiency of the ductless HVAC system. We didn’t have ductwork, so that wasn’t a problem. We did like the efficiency rating, and how quiet it was. My husband told me that if the boiler wasn’t repairable, we were going to invest in the ductless HVAC system. We weren’t getting any younger, and with the ductless HVAC system, we would never need to put a window air conditioning in, or take it out, for the rest of our lives. I prayed the boiler couldn’t be repaired.



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