We talked furnaces

My husband and I were standing in the kitchen talking about the need for a current furnace soon, and it had been sluggish lately, and both of us noticed the heat wasn’t as fantastic as it once was.

I thought it could be an airflow problem, however he agreed, and both of us hadn’t had the air duct cleaned in multiple years, so he wrote it down on his list of things to do doing.

He was going to call the Heating and Air Conditioning company and have them send someone out to the house and clean the air duct; While they were here, both of us wanted the air duct ran tests on and tell us if it needed to be replaced. I asked him what type of furnace he thought both of us should buy. He asked what I thought about a heat pump. I wasn’t sure what a heat pump was, and he explained. He asked if I knew what a ductless Heating and Air Conditioning system was? I had heard our sibling talking about them… They supplied both heating and a/c. They were quiet, highly efficient, and didn’t take up as much room space as the air vents. He must have been doing his homework, because he said it would cost about $15,000 to have ductless Heating and Air Conditioning installed in our house, and a current furnace would be $5000, and if both of us needed current air duct, both of us could double that. I got up and answered the doorbell, and an Heating and Air Conditioning supplier was standing. It was funny that both of us had been talking about our furnace, and an Heating and Air Conditioning supplier showed up without being called. He said he was looking for a certain address, and he wanted to believe if both of us could tell him where it was; My husband said it was a sign that it was time to call the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation.

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