Want a new furnace?

My husband & I were sitting in the study room talking about the need for a new gas furnace soon, it had been sluggish lately, & the two of us noticed the heat wasn’t as fantastic as it once was.

I thought it could be an airflow problem, and he agreed, & the two of us hadn’t had the HVAC duct cleaned in several years, so he wrote it down on his list of things I enjoy.

He was going to call the Heating & Air Conditioning contractor & have them send someone out to the house & scrub the HVAC duct, but while they were here, the two of us wanted the HVAC duct diagnosed & tell us if it needed to be upgraded. I asked him what style of gas furnace he thought the two of us should buy. He asked what I thought about a heat pump. I wasn’t sure what a heat pump was, & he explained. He asked if I knew what a ductless Heating & Air Conditioning plan was? I had heard our sibling talking about them… They supplied both heating & a/c. They were quiet, highly efficient, & didn’t take up as much room space as the air vents. He must have been doing his homework, because he said it would cost about $15,000 to have ductless Heating & Air Conditioning installed in our house. A new gas furnace would be $5000, & if the two of us needed new HVAC duct, the two of us could double that. I got up & answered the doorbell, & an Heating & Air Conditioning professional was standing. It was funny that the two of us had been talking about our gas furnace, & an Heating & Air Conditioning professional showed up without being called. He said he was looking for a certain address, & he wanted to know if the two of us could tell him where it was, my husband said it was a sign that it was time to call the Heating & Air Conditioning contractor.

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