The heating vents at Benji's apartment were full of pet hair

The heating vents over at my neighbor Ben’s apartment were full of pet hair when I went over there the other day, and it was truthfully the most disgusting thing that I have ever seen. I am not a person who deals with pet hair truly well. That’s why I do not have a pet or a cat myself. I suppose that houses that are full of pet hair are just disgusting. I cannot rest the plan of breathing in air that is full of hair and pet dander… Maybe I am just a little bit of a neat freak, however that is just the way that I feel about it. I would rather have honestly good indoor air quality than any kind of pet. I have typically felt that way, however even when I was a kid, I was not honestly interested in having a pet in my house! Once when my mom asked myself and others if I wanted a puppy for Christmas, I told her that I would rather have an air purification plan set up in my room. I suppose I was a little bit of a strange kid, then anyway, I don’t suppose if Ben realized this when he asked myself and others to go over there and let the pet out for him when he was stuck at labor a single day, but when I went into his apartment for the first time and saw how terrible the indoor air quality was there, I realized that I was never gonna go over there again! I don’t even suppose if I can be friends with Ben anymore now that I suppose what a slob he is.


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