I don’t know if commercial roofing is the job for me

For years, my dad and his brother have run a commercial roofing company here in our city! They are the greatest commercial roofing company in the section and they have absolutely made a good name for themselves.

If you ask anyone around here or over in the next county, they will tell you that the best locale to get the commercial roofing is my dad’s commercial roofing business, then as a matter of fact, all the people do not even look at weird roofing companies for their projects.

They just call up my dad and his brother and have them do their roof upgrade or roof substitutement jobs for them separate from even checking someplace else, my dad and his brother do not absolutely estimate on jobs anymore because they have so much company coming in all the time. Anyway, the other day my dad came to me and asked me if I wanted to come and work for him at the commercial roofing business. I have just finished my two year degree in college and I was thinking about going back to college for two more years. I do not absolutely have a idea for my life and I do not absolutely know what I want to do for a living yet. I was thinking about maybe becoming an accountant or something appreciate that, however my dad absolutely wants me to come and take over the commercial roofing company so that he can retire in about 5 years or so. I just don’t know if commercial roofing is the right kind of work for me or not.


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