Already missing my HVAC

It’s only been a month or two since we relocated to this region.

My boss called me inside his office about 3 months ago with some news.

I always marveled at how my boss had his own thermostat inside that office. Well, it turns out that I now have a thermostat in my office. But it took leaving the place we wanted to call home to make that happen. This was not so much an offer and a promotion as it was a decision that had already been made. The company I work for often operates this way. I had some negotiating power for sure. And I don’t think I would have been run out of the commercial HVAC of the building had I declined the new position. But I can guarantee you that my career with that company would be effectively over as far as advancement. You simply don’t turn down these sorts of offers. Still, I had to sit a bit longer in the air conditioning of the office before I went home that night. I knew this was going to be tough on my wife. Once I got home to the central air conditioning of our newly renovated home, I broke the news. I also told my wife that I was ready to decline, resign or whatever if she wanted to stay put. I mean we had just finished off all the renovations on our home with the latest in residential HVAC being installed. Who could blame us if we chose to stay? Obviously, I took the job and I’m glad to have a thermostat in my office since I run the show up here. But man, I sure do miss that HVAC equipment I just left.


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