Getting the electric heater ready for the surprise party

Sometimes as HVAC professionals, we find ourselves involved in significant family matters.

Last week, a family called requesting that we attend to the heater maintenance of their electric heater.

The wife was planning a secret surprise party for her husband’s birthday party and needed great indoor comfort against the ongoing winter. That week the weatherman had announced a snowstorm that would last a couple of days. The wife needed to ensure their heating device was working perfectly. Apart from the annual tune-up, the wireless thermostat had been acting up even after changing the batteries. We got there a little after the husband left for work. We started by assessing the heater to ascertain if worn-out parts needed replacement. We got a heat exchanger that was worn out and rusted, plus the filters needed replacement as they were clogged up by dirt and pet dander from our new cat. The HVAC supplier was efficient enough to deliver the equipment, including the HEPA filters, as soon as possible. The wife was not keen on changing the electric heat pump’s filters and did not mind calling for assistance from the HVAC serviceman. We arranged to have the filters replaced after every two months in winter and monthly in summer. Fortunately, the heating equipment did not need a lot of work, and we were done within a couple of hours. The wife was pleased about the service from my heating technicians and the improved indoor comfort of the newly serviced electric heating system. As is customary for the heating business, I called the wife the following day to confirm whether the unit was still optimally functioning. She gladly informed me that the party was a success. The guests enjoyed the quality of indoor comfort.

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