I discovered the HVAC professional was my high school best friend

I had issues with my heating equipment, which kept breaking down every other time.

As I did the monthly bills, I noticed that I was spending so much on repairs.

Something had to be done, and a skilled HVAC professional would advise on the way forward. The heater was young, so I wondered why it kept breaking down. I contacted the local heating business and requested a skilled heating technician to work on my heating device. The company was very efficient, and they sent a specialist for heater maintenance by the end of the day. I was surprised that I recognized the HVAC serviceman sent to my house. She was my best friend in high school, and we used to be very close until she relocated to cities. We were happy to see each other, but before catching up, we needed to determine why the electric heating system was using so much energy, thus increasing the energy bills. Her team assessed the unit and decided that some worn-out parts needed replacing. The filters were also low quality and so would get clogged very fast. After getting new parts from the HVAC supplier, the heating technician advised me to get HEPA filters for my electric heater. To cut down on the money spent on my unit, my friend taught me how to independently replace the filters to increase airflow and maintain the electric heat pump’s optimal function. After installing the new wireless thermostat, we sat down to catch up as the rest of the technicians cleaned up their workspace. We then planned to have lunch later that week for more catching up. It was such a great thing that I met my long-lost friend. She had moved back to the city for work. The energy bills were reduced after that.


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