First morning as an operations manager for the heating business

I had been working as a senior Heating, Ventilation, and A/C serviceman for the local heating supplier for about more than four years and enjoyed working with the unusual teams of heating servicemans, but i got wind that the board of supervisors was considering myself and others for the operation’s manager position, which boosted our morale.

I had a fantastic working relationship with our colleagues, and all of us tripled the customer base, which satisfied the supervisors. As a supplier specializing in electric heaters, all of us offer gas furnace repair, upgrades, and repair services. The two of us also taught our buyers to be self-reliant in changing their gas furnace filters, including the fantastic HEPA filters. The Saturday before Winter time began, I was called into a meeting with the supervisors, and they announced that I would be taking over the operation manager position. They pointed out that I had big shoes to fill, however they were confident I would do a fantastic job. I went through the induction on our first morning as an operation manager. The Heating, Ventilation, and A/C professional took myself and others through the duties I would undertake, including liaising with various Heating, Ventilation, and A/C supplier stores to supply the products used to repair electric gas furnaces, such as the wireless temperature control and parts that quickly wear out in such heating devices. After the induction, I prepared the requests that came in from buyers, and it was in our job description to distribute the jobs to the various serviceman teams. I first noticed that our inventory did not have enough heating equipment, including the electric heat pumps. I made a procurement request to restock, and no sooner had I done that than a commercial office advised all of us install a couple of units in their office block. They would make hefty payments which satisfied the supervisors! My first morning was a success.