She came home from work at the heating and AC business

Our daughter was working at the Heating & Air Conditioning business but she ended up coming to the beach home sick with a fever.

There have been all kinds of viruses and bugs going around and it seems people have been passing things back and forth in many homes for at least a month now.

Our daughter was so sick and tired of everyone being sick. She just got over a sore throat and now her ear was getting infected. It’s just so frustrating whenever you have something wrong with you and it feels like you just can’t get over it. Things just keep coming and going and coming back again and it’s driving her crazy. Anyway, our daughter ended up getting ill again. We think that she caught it from us, even though she could have gotten it from her spouse too. We’ve all had it at least once over the past couple of weeks. She came to the beach house from work at the Heating & Air Conditioning business and she never does that. Our daughter never calls in sick at all either. She has a great job with the local heating & cooling business. Our girl has been working there for the past 5 years now and she truly appreciates her job and all of the people that she works with. She is great at her job and is learning all kinds of things about gas furnaces & A/Cs. We felt awful when she came to the beach home sick. We turned the heat on the control machine up and tucked her in on the couch with a blanket and some hot chicken noodle soup.


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