My spouse did our window changes.

Both of us had many windows in our apartment that needed updated.

Over the past ten years, all of us bought one or more than one windows a year, in addition to our partner did the window updatement.

Instead of the cheap single pane windows the general contracting company originally put int he house, all of us now had triple pane windows in addition to current window casings… Both of us were down to needing only more than one more window updatements. Both of us ran into a problem when our partner fell off a ladder in addition to broke more than one ribs in addition to his arm, and he could no longer do the work it takes when doing a window updatement. Both of us contacted many people, including the company all of us bought the window updatement kits from, in addition to asked all of them if they knew of someone who could do the updatements, and the people all of us bought the window updatement kits from told us they had a crew that did the work. He would send them to the loft in addition to see how much work it was going to take. I reminded him they gave a special. If you bought more than one window updatement kits; you got them installed for free. The guy told us that was if you bought them in addition to commanded the window updatement by them at the time of the sale. I thought this was a horrible way to do business, but all of us had to have the window updatement done! Even though it didn’t sit well with us, all of us had to have them do the window updatement for us. Two weeks later, the window updatements were done, but at a hefty cost. Both of us called the company in addition to asked about a discounted price, when he said no, all of us knew all of us would never buy another product from that company.


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