Don’t judge your furnace, or anything else

One thing I have l earned from taking my icy sea dips each Wintertide day is that not judging something plus just getting it done is the best way to make it through difficult situations.

  • I’ve also l earned that talking positively plus being your own best acquaintance entirely helps you conquer things plus get through them when you really could not if you were judging whether you wanted to do it or not.

I’ve also begun speaking to myself plus out loud in this confident country character voice I use on stage, plus it entirely helps to boost my mood. The Heating in addition to A/C rep at the local corporation told me about this type of speaking to yourself when he was trying to do difficult ductwork tasks for commercial clients. I’ve been trying to do it more plus more plus it entirely helps get me out of low moods when I get in them. I think I am going to go to the heating supplier later this month to see if they have any furnace filters, as mine is getting pretty old plus worn out plus will need to be upgraded soon. I think they have a sale on everything in the store right now as they are trying to make way for the current inventory. I will also take a look at the central cooling system plus furnaces to see how much they cost with the sale price. Maybe if the price is right I could buy 1 plus pay it off over the next few years if they have a layaway plan or some kind of financing.