Purchasing a portable heater rather than fixing the electric heater

Today I gave in and bought a portable space heater.

I really wish I could afford to get my electric heater fixed but I don’t have the finances to have an HVAC company send out the heating and cooling technicians to look at my HVAC system.

I know the 2 gentlemen who run the company and John and Mark are great guys I’m sure they would put me on some sort of service plan but just don’t have the funds. I’m a single mother of 3 and I just need to focus on what I have. My car is on its last legs, and my kid’s daycare is a little overpriced. Sure, my mom helps from time to time but 3 kids are overwhelming to her these days. My mother told me that she did her time. It slightly feels like she was sentenced to jail when I entered her life and now it’s my time. Other than that my clothes dryer just broke and I have to either wash all my clothes and dry them at the laundromat or I wash them at home and rush them thereafter to dry them. I can say I have been washing them at home just to save money. I have been dropping a couple of bucks here and there on scratch-off tickets hoping to win some money but that hasn’t really worked out well for me. The kid’s deadbeat dad doesn’t help with child support and he has fled the state. I’m sure he is living his best life and I hope he never returns. The portable space heater will do for now but I will have to eventually get my electric heating serviced.