Thinking about buying an RV for our HVAC business

I have been running this supplier with my twin sibling Mark for a long time now… The one thing both of us didn’t ever look into was buying a commercial van for our business, then we usually haul everything in our trucks plus if it’s raining outside, both of us throw a tarp on top of our equipment. This honestly isn’t professional for an HVAC supplier however this got us by. We only toil in a small village so it’s not honestly important to have a beautiful van carrying around all our device however if both of us want to grow a nice van would absolutely be a bonus. Winters can make things a bit more strenuous with our device because the snow gathers on top of the tarp plus getting to the HVAC device can become frustrating, but i remember that one morning it snowed so bad that it took my sibling plus I about an hour to get enough snow off so both of us can get to the HVAC equipment, and also, both of us are starting to look into getting modern HVAC device plus I honestly don’t want it to sit in the back of a pickup truck. I’m sure Mark wouldn’t want it to sit there either. I’m not sad about anyone stealing it at least because the village is filled with great people. I suppose Mark, my sibling, HVAC professional, plus HVAC co-owner of our HVAC corporation is on holiday so when he gets back both of us honestly should guess about getting a van. We toil enough, both of us make enough currency so buying one honestly isn’t an issue at all.

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