I switched cooling companies

Usually, once I choose a business, and I like it, I stay with that business.

I am not super picky about certain companies like some people are.

When I first moved here, I knew my home was going to need some minor repairs. One of the more major repairs was for my heating and air conditioning device. It was nothing too big, just some small repairs for the machine to work properly. The first A/C company I called out did a great job, so from then on, I always chose that business to go with. However, I have noticed with each passing year, the price of their HVAC services are going up. HVAC services are already incredibly expensive as it is, and while I knew everything was increasing price wise, that doesn’t mean I have to keep buying those things. When the prices first rose, I didn’t mind too much, because I knew inflation was causing this. However, it seemed like their prices kept going up and up, and so I eventually decided to switch to a different HVAC company. This A/C company is pretty good, and much cheaper. I am going to miss my old company, but I can’t keep paying all of these high prices. I think I would rather go without A/C service than pay incredibly high prices like that. For now, I am going with this new cooling corporation. I hope their prices will stay reasonable, otherwise I might have to go with an independent HVAC contractor.

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