A/C was leaking out of my home

What is the deal here? I have been running my air conditioner for at least two hours, and the temperatures have only gone down by one degree.

One degree is completely ridiculous.

Why is my HVAC machine not working all of the sudden? This was incredibly frustrating. Especially considering that it seemed like this happened overnight. I knew there was no way I could get through summer with a half working HVAC device, so even though I didn’t really want to, I decided to call a heating and air conditioning specialist. The heating and air conditioning specialist will know what to do. When the heating and air conditioning professional arrived, he told me that my air conditioning unit was working well, which was good to hear. Then he told me it was a ductwork issue, which was not good to hear. Apparently, a massive hole had formed in the ductwork; how this had happened, he wasn’t entirely sure. There are multiple different reasons as to why ductwork could end up damaged and need to be repaired or replaced. He showed me where the hole was, and I remembered hearing a faint whistling noise as the air escaped into oblivion. It took more than one HVAC worker to completely repair the air duct damage, and it also was very expensive, but at least my heating and cooling problems will be over with. Sure enough, after the repair I noticed a drastic difference in my cooling units efficiency, finally I can live in an air conditioned home again.

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