The indoor lighting was poor.

I bought a house that was built in the eighties, and the bathroom was the room that showed it. The tiles were all black. The garden tub, commode, and other amenities were also black with gold flowers. The indoor lighting was so harsh that it was blinding. I knew I had to redo the entire bathroom and subdue the indoor lighting throughout the house. The bathroom was the most expensive part of the remodel because the amenities needed to be moved around. That meant new drains, and finding a ventilation system that proved to be nonexistent. Where the vent pipe should have been, they found a small closet for the smaller bedroom next to the bathroom. Ninety percent of the indoor lighting had to be removed, and the house needed rewired. I went with softer lighting and filtered lighting, so I wasn’t being blinded when I walked into the house, and mostly the bathroom. By the time they replaced the indoor lighting, it was time to have my housewarming party. My family had already seen the house with its outdated bathroom and kitchen and the harsh indoor lighting. I was now going to reveal a modern bathroom and kitchen with amazing indoor lighting that gave the skin a fresh rosy hue and made the house look like a home. My kids were fighting over who was going to use the enormous bathroom first, but I had first dibs. It was my husband and I who paid for the work, so we could enjoy the two-person shower or bathtub with the dimming indoor lighting inside the tub and shower.

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