Investments to buy our addition

My fiance and I are opposites when it comes to finances… My fiance is all about acquiring assets; He mainly just wants to get rental properties. He has a single family up-to-date home and a duplex that he rents out, but i care about to save cash and I will occasionally put some in the stock market, then the 2 of us both want a pool though. I commanded that all of us save up the cash and buy it. There, easy and done. My fiance wants to get enough assets that what they bring in per month pays for the pool; So it is a lot more rental property buying before the pool. Every one of us both have agreed to cut the cost. So my fiance is doing it his way, I am doing it my way. He has a sign on the fridge that states a pool goal. His 2 rentals don’t quite bring enough per month to do his half. So he is on the hunt for more real estate, then for me, I put cash away in an account every month and watch the number grow. I know my way is more effective. My fiance states that I will then be out the cash and only have a pool to show for it. For him, he will then have a bunch of rental properties that still make cash and are worth cash if he ever sells. I see his point. I know I will have my half of the pool faster though. I don’t easily care for rental property either. I just want a swimming pool after all.

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