Can’t take allergy season anymore

When I lived up north I just dealt with the cold.

Anytime the weather dipped into the negative digits I got a cold.

That was it. Now that I live down south I deal with allergies constantly. The flowers are always blooming since the weather is so nice. The pollen gets into my sinuses and causes me to stuff up and sneeze. I hate wearing vix on my nose to bed. I hate that I need to carry tissues with me at all times. Finally I decided to do something about it. I couldn’t live my whole life all stuffed up and sick. I called a company that does ductwork cleaning and air quality equipment. They recommended that I get a carbon air filter and a UV air purifier for my home. The carbon air filter is said to be better than a HEPA one when it comes to allergy sufferers such as myself. The UV air purifier removes dust, dirt and hair from the indoor air quality. It also works to remove smells as well. The only downside to these products is the maintenance. I need to replace my carbon filter often and the air purifier needs maintenance like an HVAC system. So twice a year I have my HVAC company look at my machine. I then call the ductwork cleaning company to change out the filter and wash the inner workings of my air purifier. Yes, it adds expense to my budget every year but I feel it is worth it. Not sneezing and being stuffy is worth a little extra money per month.

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