I needed climate control for my art loft

A few years ago I decided to convert my FL Room into an art studio. If you aren’t aware what a FL Room is, basically it’s an exterior room such as a patio, that is completely screened in. This simply keeps out the bugs, but still allows for wind as natural ventilation. I took down all of the screens and put in windows and walls. I laid down some heavy carpet over the granite patio floor, and before long it looked similar to a real studio. Of course, this area was not connected to the central HVAC system of the house, but since it only had screens before there was no reason for heating or cooling it! Now that the space was an art studio I needed climate control, not just for my own comfort but for the sake of the art! Excessive humidity needed to be eliminated, and the indoor air conditions improved, or none of the paints or canvases would stay in enjoyable condition, as I mentioned, the duct labor system from the main current home was not connected to the studio, and I did not suppose it was worth the currency to buy an additional HVAC system for just 1 room. Instead I obtained a small, portable cooling machine that combined a fan, an air conditioner, and also a dehumidifier. There is not unquestionably much freezing weather in this part of the country, but I also got a cheap little space oil furnace to use in the winter. The cooling machine will get the most use, and I hope it is able to keep the indoor air conditions at a high level as well.
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