The HVAC tech actually fell through the ceiling

For the first various years I have lived in this house, it has been easy-going.

I have experienced no major problems, besides the outdated cracked septic tank but I knew about that when I moved in.

Otherwise there have been no major problems with the home; then until last week, when everything seemed to hit the fan all at once. I noticed various small cracks in the ceiling, and wasn’t sure what caused them. The appliances in the family room started performing poorly, and they needed to be updated. After that it was the central HVAC system that went on the fritz. I needed to call a local heating and cooling business to inspect my system and provide me a price estimate, and that’s when things got much worse. First the specialist examined my outdoor HVAC equipment, and adored the air handler. He tested the thermostat, and looked at all of the air vents as well. Then he needed to look at the indoor air handler, which required him to bring in a ladder and climb up into the attic. Several hours later there was a loud crash, and that terrible HVAC tech came through the broken ceiling and landed flat on his back. I had to call an ambulance, and the HVAC tech was taken away on a gurney to the ER. I entirely don’t know what to expect, because there is an opportunity the HVAC tech is going to sue me for his medical costs. Hopefully the business will handle everything, but for the time being I have more to worry about than just my own air conditioner.

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