I labor in a food truck, and live in my car, but at least I have a cold AC

I don’t like to complain, because I think a lot of people who got ruined by COVID.

  • I never got the virus myself, but it still cost me my task.

Without a task I lost my house, and virtually everything I had. I was reduced to living in my vehicle while I searched for a task. Finally I got fired for minimum wage at a local food truck. I would slave away in the tiny food truck family room for hours on end, and walk away with unquestionably little currency. It sucked, but it was better than nothing. Besides, when you live in a vehicle you don’t have to pay rent. My vehicle is a station wagon so it’s unquestionably roomy, and both the oil furnace and the air conditioner still work great, so things could be worse. The vehicle I call beach current home has A/C but the vehicle I call the career does not. This can be quite trying during a long shift, because I am also standing right over a deep fryer, and the air quality is abysmal. Not only is there no cooling, but the food truck is immersed in a cloud of grease and smoke throughout the morning. Even with the side panel open to allow for natural ventilation, the food truck remains hot, humid, and gross all morning, every morning, then during my breaks I go to the station wagon, turn on the air conditioner, and lay in front of the air vents until it’s time to get back to work. One morning I hope to live in my current home again, but for now a vehicle is better than nothing.


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