I got a brilliant HVAC method while receiving a pedicure

I do some of my best thinking at the beauty salon.

  • I labor in advertising, but make most of my currency through investments.

I adore sinking some capital into small businesses for a percentage of the ownership. This is constantly a risk, because if the small business fails then I lose my investment currency. But when it pays off, I can make a lot of currency hastily. Anyway, I got my bright method while getting my toes painted at the beauty salon. I was enjoying myself in the chair, with my feet in the sizzling bath. It was perfect, because I was blessed enough to get the pedicure chair situated directly under the air vent. With my feet nice and sizzling and the rest of my body freezing from the chilly A/C, I got a brilliant idea. This was the best chair in the salon because of that air vent… So what if there was an air vent over every single chair? That would mean every chair was “the best chair in the salon.” After my toes were painted and dried I walked to the manager’s office and pitched my method about the air vents. The manager didn’t even have enough currency for that, because remodeling the HVAC system and the duct labor would cost hundreds upon hundreds dollars. I told him that I would invest currency into the salon and pay for all the HVAC labor personally, if I was made a part owner. I am still waiting to hear back from her, but if he passes on it then I will simply take my brilliant air vent method to another salon!

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