I am thankful for my boss at the HVAC dealer

I am truly thankful for my boss at the HVAC supplier where I work.

I have had a really rough year plus they haven’t given myself and others a hard time about it at all.

I thought at a single point that I was really going to lose my task because I had to miss work for so many nights in a row. See, I was in a vehicle accident plus then we was in the hospital for weeks after that; Once I finally got out of the hospital, I had to go to physical therapy for a long time, too. It was a lot of stuff all at once however it seemed to go on forever, honestly! When I finally got in touch with my boss at work, I was sure that he was going to fire myself and others because I had not set foot in the HVAC supplier for almost more than one months by that point. The only thing that he said to myself and others was that he was happy that I was doing better plus that my task was waiting for myself and others whenever I was ready for it. Whenever he said that, I nearly teared up. I had been truly worried that I was going to have to find a new task but he told myself and others that all of the men at the HVAC supplier decided to pitch in to supply myself and others some of their sick nights plus some of their trip time to help myself and others get paid so that I could get back on my feet. Apparently, the HVAC supplier where I work is more care about a family than just a task. I will never forget their kindness during this hard stage of my life.

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