Working for an HVAC company

And this is a good thing

I have been working in accounting for a long time going from business to business. The latest place I am working is a heating and air conditioning company. It is quite different working for a heating and air conditioning company compared to the other places I have worked. They do things a lot different and their computer systems are also different than what I am used to working with. All in all though I do like working at the heating and air conditioning company. The people here are very nice and there are also some perks. The perks are that I get discounts on any heating and air conditioning home services I may need if I use this company. Working here has saved me on heating and cooling system tune up and check ups, heating and air conditioning system repair and even buying portable heat and A/C equipment like portable space heaters and portable air conditioning systems. I hope to be working here for a while. I have been here about 7 months now and I do not see any lay offs coming as there were at other places I have worked in the past. And this is a good thing. I even have learned a few things about heating and air conditioning repair. Not that I could do it, but I know the process of certain things by talking to the heating and cooling workers when they come in and out of the place. It is a really great place to work.

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