Small doesn’t mean weak

Portable space heaters today are pretty small devices.

One would think that they would only be able to heat a small area in a room. Well, this is not the case! Today’s portable space heaters are so powerful that they can heat an entire room in a matter of minutes. I recently bought my very first space heater and I was very surprised by the quality of it and how powerful it was. It was able to heat my entire living room in just a few minutes! The only drawback to this is that I had to be careful and make sure that I turned it off when it started to get too hot. With these portable space heaters you need to be careful not to overheat a room. Because they can tend to be even more powerful than even the best central heating and air conditioning system’s heater believe it or not. I have the most brand new and up to date central heating and air conditioning system and the heater in it doesn’t even compare to the portable space heater that I bought! And what’s even more crazy is that the portable space heater is a great energy saver and uses very little energy compared to the central heating and air conditioning system which could cause very high electric bills if you were to run it all of the time. This is the reason I am using a portable space heater in the first place, to save money on my monthly energy bills.
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