Removing the wood stove stack from the roof

I had an old wood stove in my living room.

What stunk is that the previous owner actually had it vented through the ceiling and a stack put on the roof.

Why would anyone do that? I had to remove the brick pad in my home and redo the floor. I ripped out the carpet and put the tile down. I then had to remove the vent and patch my wood ceiling. Lastly I had the stack taken off the roof. I then needed a shingle roof repair done. What wasn’t fun is that the new shingles weren’t going to be a perfect match. Also there were some areas of the roof that needed repairs. Rather than just do a shaddy patch job everywhere, it made sense to just get a whole new roof. It was over ten years old anyway. It really was time for a new one. My husband and I looked into all different kinds of roofs. Spray foam roofs, flat roofs, metal roofs, etc. I ended up sticking with a shingle roof. We knew it worked and looked good with the home. Rather than the reddish brown shingles, I went for more of a dark gray. By the time summer rolled around I had enough money to get the exterior of the house be painted olive with gray trim. It now looks great with the gray roof. People can’t believe that my house cna look that good. It was expensive touch ups but worth it in the end. That stupid wood stove cost me a fortune in the end.

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