Making a fine HVAC repairman out of my worker

I’ve owned my home for about seven years, and my friend and I get along great.

  • When I have to travel for work, I leave the house in his care, and he does a great job.

Since he has been with me for a while, he has noticed me working on my HVAC component at my city HVAC company, where I am a professional. We recently made plans for him to go to a training center near my company to learn how to become an HVAC repairman. I had to travel for work for a few months, but my friend and I would make a plan for him to start his lessons when I got back. As usual, I left my house in his care and went away without worrying. A week later, he called me to tell me that the quality HVAC had broken down and turned the condo into an oven. Since he was living there, he needed help with indoor comfort. He had called the local corporation shop near the house to ask for help with the HVAC repair, but they had closed to attend the funeral of one of their own. I told him to call the office and make an appointment since the HVAC provider who worked for me had also handled the construction of my HVAC system. However, only the apprentices were available. The control component was showing wrong learnings, which also needed to be fixed. I bought all of my new HVAC parts from the same brand, so fixing any broken parts would be easy. My housekeeper couldn’t handle the heat, so he tried to maintain the split heat pump and was surprised when he did. I had slowly trained him to be a good worker, even without my help.

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