We needed a newer roof on the shed.

I have an old creaky shed that I use for housing all my potting equipment, all winter season long. I always have my plants in the small spare room, lights shining on them twelve hours a afternoon, as well as the room heated to over seventy degrees… I collect everything I need to separate the plants as well as repot them in the early Spring, as well as it all gets stored in the shed, but many of my small succulents as well as large vegetable plants get sold, however I always keep some to keep the plant company growing, but last month, I went to the shed to get out my peat rolls as well as succulent soil. I noticed there was water on the floor as well as the roof had light shining right through. A branch had come off the tree as well as was sticking through the roof. I told my husband Max I needed a new roof on the shed, then he told me it would actually be cheaper to buy a brand new shed, however I didn’t want to hear it. I just wanted a new roof. I had all the devices I needed to replant, as well as Max and I built the shelves with tubs so I could empty the potting soil into them as well as not waste any of it. Max told me that he was going to call the roofers as well as see what it would cost to put a new roof on the shed. If Max made that statement, I knew he was considering the new roof. It was a pretty small roof, so I was sure I could pay for it with the extra money I paid for it with the money I make from my plants.

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