I Think I may Have Left it on a bit too Long

I nearly died the other day I have to tell you.

What I did was really foolish and I was not paying attention to things. I had my central heating on high because it was chilly earlier in the day and I forgot to turn it down on the thermostat before I went to bed. I woke up in the morning feeling as if I was in the 114F desert and was choking and could not breathe really well. I ran out into the hallway and turned off the thermostat on the central air conditioner as quickly as I could. I cranked the thermostat very low to try to cool the beach house off. It took about 13 hours before I was able to get the beach house temperature back to normal again. This was legitimately the only time in the chilly cold wintertime I ever had to turn on the central air conditioning system! Usually of course it is the central oil furnace, although I had it on a bit too long. This is something I will never have happen again for sure, and I am thinking that maybe I should get myself a smart wifi thermostat. If I got myself a smart thermostat this would have never happened because I could have programmed the smart thermostat to shut off, or at least turn itself down, before I went to bed and I would have not had to remember anything. This experience has made myself and others decide that I need to get myself a smart thermostat for my central heating and A/C system. It will make life so much easier.

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