I thought contractors would be here early

I expected all of the roofers to arrive at my place early so I could greet them before every one of us had to leave for the day.

Every one of us knew that the new roof was going to take some time and we had to supply the contractors with money as a down payment. All of us did not want to be late for work that day so we were all surprised when 8:00 rolled around in a contractor still were not here. Every one of us were worried and we did not think that the roofers were going to show up that day. The people I was with plus myself had a meeting with a general supervisor and needed to be there and we’re hoping to supply the information the roofers had given to me when they arrived. I contacted someone on the supplier card to see if they were going to send the roofing contractors anytime soon. The person in the office said there was not an appointment for me at the address and I had this card with the date and also the time written. I knew that the roofers were supposed to be there early and now it was very late and I was wanting to not wait much longer. The people I was with plus myself found out that their contractor was supposed to be there the following week. I thought the roofers were easily running late however the roofers were easily running a week longer. I wrote the appointment on a work calendar but did not plan for anything that could be canceled.


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