The HVAC Service Workers Were Really not on Time for Me

I legitimately do not appreciate it when service workers are not on time, as you set some kind of appointment and end up waiting all day and ruining your day, then they do not show up on time anyhow.

This is what happened the last time I called an independent heat and air conditioner specialist in my area. They were supposed to be at my beach house to do a tune up on my central heating and A/C system device at 3pm, and they did not show up until 5pm. I was not thrilled about this because I went out of my way to be sure I was at the beach house from work early that day in order to meet the heating and air conditioner specialist to do the tune up and check up on my central heating and cooling unit. Her excuse was not a fantastic one either. I would have understood if it was something like getting caught in traffic, or something such as that. But she tells myself and others that the heating and air conditioner appointment before me was taking longer than expected. That would have been a fantastic and satisfactory excuse if she had called to let me know. But instead nothing is said and she just shows up two hours late. Communication is really important and really fantastic customer service, yet this independent heating and air conditioner specialist did not do this. In the future I think I am going to hire one of our local heating and air conditioner companies because at least they are on time and if they are not, they will have the courtesy to let you know ahead of time!

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