Heating and ac service effort

I am just plugging along today with my toil here in the office, wondering where my life is going to take me over the next year.

  • Part of me wants to run back to the safety of my hometown and be around my friends and family while they are still here.

I left my flock about eight years ago after a breakup and have been living away from them ever since. I go house to visit a couple times a year, however it isn’t the same as living there, so I need to decide if I’ll keep living abroad. Air conditioning filter sales is what I do here, along with chasing my musical dream of playing in a band, but I honestly miss my family back house and am thinking about maybe moving back at the end of this year. But the local company back house may not have to toil for me anymore as he is going to be retiring soon with his Heating, Ventilation and A/C company. I’m sure I could find some toil back house but I am afraid I may never link with another musician the way I am here in Europe. I will let time tell me the solution while I keep working for the Heating, Ventilation and A/C supplier here in city and play my music with my bandmate. I will appreciate living here knowing that it may only be a little while longer before I head back house to be around my family and friends again. I could do some electric boiler repairs back house for this current company I guess.

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