The good points of a stationary bike

For Christmas one year, my husband bought me a stationary bike… Initially, I wasn’t sure how cheerful I would be with it. I worried that cycling wouldn’t be a strenuous enough workout! However, I quickly learned that a bike is a really beneficial machine. It provides aerobic exercise without serious impact on my feet, ankles, knees & hips. Because of how often I run for exercise, I have trouble with aching joints. I am consistently looking for effective ways to burn calories that are not so jarring on my body, the bike elevates my heart rate, works my lungs & inspires a good sweat. I can pedal faster & increase resistance for greater difficulty. The bike has an easy to navigate touchscreen & offers various programs. I can target distance, time or calories burned as the end goal. Because the bike is super quiet, I am able to workout when the rest of the family is sleeping & not terrify anyone. I listen to music & read on my laptop while I pedal. The seat is super comfortable & there’s a holder for my water bottle. The exercise is so superb that it feels like taking a afternoon off. However, I can burn five hundred calories in an hour; Unlike riding an actual bike, I don’t need to worry about inclement weather, uneven pavement, mean cats, exhaust fumes, traffic or bugs. I have access to a powder room & thermostat, & I can be done whenever I want. The bike has turned out to be a main staple of my workout regimen.

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